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Client Reviews

Client Name: Abi

How satisfied are you?

Ladies listen up! Kristin rocks! She is extremely knowledgeable and focuses on proper form for maximum results. I noticed after 8 sessions my body definitely transformed. She took time to talk about my current meal plan, adjusted my meal plan, and developed a course of action for my weekly workout routine due to my ankle injury. I am super satisfied and happy with my time with Kristin and learned so much. P.S. if you’re ready to get your body and glutes on fire for hot girl summer, get with Kristin!

Client Name: Derly

How satisfied are you?

Kristin is great to work with. She customizes a meal plan specifically for your needs and makes sure to give you different workouts to do when you are at the gym by yourself. While you are with her she really pays attention to your form and corrects you to help target the muscle group we are trying to work out. She is always available for you to answer any questions you have about nutrition. I have gone to a few coaches and she by far is my favorite!

Client Name: Lilibeth

How satisfied are you?

Kristin is an awesome coach. She has built me a customized meal and exercise plan that has produced great results in the short time that we’ve worked together. I would recommend anyone looking for a trainer that is very detailed and cares about her clients and their fitness goals to give her a call.

Client Name: Jin Lee

How satisfied are you?

Kristin is a great coach, prepared well before class, and alway encourage me to reach my goal, will come back for her training again.

Client Name: Sohail

How satisfied are you?

Kristin Matsumoto brings with her a depth of knowledge and experience to make each workout inspiring and detail-oriented. She adds the nutritional aspect thereby making her approach to training a more successful and complete one. Thank you Kristin for your inspiration, guidance, and for your motivation.

Client Name: Rochelle

How satisfied are you?

I highly recommend Kristin as a personal trainer. She is very flexible with scheduling and the workouts were personalized so I can workout at the gym or at home. She's very knowledgeable and was great at pushing me to go beyond my comfort zone.

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