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Feel Empowered
Feel Empowered
 Feel strong and confident
Easy to follow workouts
Track your progress
Learn proper form
Maximize Progress
Video demonstrations
Barbell tutorials

Feel strong & confident from the inside out.  You will see real progress following the 10-week program.  Learn how to adapt any program to meet you where you are at and to ensure you are maximizing your results!

Maximize Progress 

Learn how to build a toned physique.  The program is designed to give you the best results by following essential training principles, including which exercises to do, how much weight to use, how to implement mind-muscle connection, proper form, proper breathing, and how to not get burned out.

Learn Proper Form

Understand how to properly activate and engage the targeted muscles to improve your results and reach your goals faster.  

Easy to Follow Workouts

Workouts are optimized for volume and frequency so you get the best results! Workouts are designed for a range of different lifters, anywhere from 0-2 years of experience. Adjustments can be made to the number of workouts per week, the number of sets, the number of reps, and of course the weight used to meet you at your level. 

Video Tutorials and Demonstrations

Learn the basic movement patterns during the first two weeks of the program to ensure your maximizing your results through video tutorials.  Video demonstrations are provided for each exercise for all the workouts.

Track your Progress

Track your progress with the provided workout log to ensure you're progressing!  The workout log makes following the workouts easy!

Barbell Tutorials

Take your training to the next level and learn how to properly complete lifts with a barbell.  Work your way up to using a barbell once you master dumbbells with this program.  Including a barbell in your training continues to challenge yourself and further tone and sculpt your body!

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